Titan Quest Receives New “Ragnarok” Expansion Pack After 10 Years of Dormancy

Titan Quest has painfully remained with its one and only expansion pack, Immortal Throne, for an entire decade. Hence, imagine our surprise when it came to light over the weekend that the dry content run is finally coming to an end.

“Ragnarok” adds a fifth act that is said to be the largest one for the game yet. The extended story-line brings to life new powerful enemies and vengeful gods peeking from the shadows. The experience curve and mastery level have been increased for players to maximize their potential. This goes hand in hand with new weapons, armor, and crafting materials that can even improve legendary items.

In addition to more customization options, including the new ability to finally wear pants, the second expansion pack for Titan Quest brings several quality-of-life improvements that players have been requesting for all these years. This includes new shaders, graphical effects, improved modding tools, and more.

Ragnarok requires Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition, which was made available as a free upgrade last year to owners of the original game. The expansion will cost $14.99 until November 24 as part of a special promotional package, after which the price will be increased to $19.99.

Those who are yet to try out the epic role-playing hack-and-slash game can purchase Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition for just $3.99 until November 22. This includes the base game and the Immortal Thrones expansion pack.

Titan Quest is only available on PC and is regarded as one of the best role-playing games of all time.