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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon SOS Battles Guide – SOS Battle Exclusive Pokemon, Tips and Strategy

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon SOS Battles Guide to help you learn all about SOS Battles and using them for IVs farming, Shiny Pokemon, and Rare Pokemon. In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there is a mechanic that allows a Pokemon to call an Ally Pokemon for help during a battle.

Every Pokemon in Pokemon USAUM can call upon an Ally Pokemon from a selection of available Pokemon. Do note that some Pokemon in the game only appears as Ally Pokemon. This mechanic is particularly helpful when it comes to instances like farming Heart Scales from Luvdisc.

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Wild Pokemon can call for help when they are in trouble. This will trigger an SOS battle in Ultra Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon SOS Battles

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon SOS Battles Guide, we have detailed all you need to know about SOS Battles in USAUM. We will try to explain Pokemon SOS battles and how to Call of Help in Ultra Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Call of Help, SOS Battle, Ally Pokemon

When it comes to SOS Battles in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you should always keep a few things in mind. First, the Ally Pokemon is always of the same evolutionary line to that of the weakened Pokemon. A weakened Pokemon cannot summon an Ally Pokemon under Poison, Paralysis, Burn, and other status effects.

You can use Fail Swipe to leave a Pokemon at 1HP to let it call for Ally Pokemon indefinitely. However, there are chances that no Ally Pokemon will come to the aid of a weakened Pokemon. You can keep chaining the SOS Battles in order to get a chance of encountering a Pokemon with high IVs or to acquire Rare/Shiny Pokemon.

Ally Pokemon who will come to the aid of a weakened Pokemon is dependent on location and weather conditions.

You can also get an item called an Adrenaline Orb from any Pokemon Centre and increase the chances of a Wild Pokemon to call upon its call. It is important to note that you can only use a single Adrenaline Orb in one battle.

How to Start an SOS Battle in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In order to start an SOS Battle in Pokemon USAUM, you need to take a Wild Pokemon below 50%. As mentioned earlier, you should also try using an Adrenaline Orb in order to increase your chances. Continue repeating the process in order to chain the SOS Battles.

If you wish to discontinue the chain, there are some things that you can do. You can either faint a Wild Pokemon in the absence of its Ally Pokemon or faint a Wild Pokemon in the presence of an Ally Pokemon if the latter is incapable of calling another Ally Pokemon. Finally, you can simply run away from the battle and that should allow you to successfully break the chain.

It goes without saying that SOS Battle Chaining is pretty useful when it comes to EV Training. Once called, an Ally Pokemon doubles the number of EVs it provides upon getting defeated. If you manage to combine it with Power Items and Pokerus, you should be able to hit the maximum of 252 EVs in no time. We have detailed more on EV Training Tips in our dedicated guide found at the link.

IV Farming Using SOS Battles

The first thing that you need to know is that a long chain allows you to have increased chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon, have Pokemon with better IVs, and find Pokemon with Hidden Abilities. It is also important to note that a chain cannot go beyond 255 Pokemon – it resets after 255.

When it comes to getting Perfect IVs, you have 4 guaranteed Perfect IVs between chain length of 30 to 255. As for getting a Pokemon with Hidden Abilities, there are 15% chances of getting one between 30 to 255.

Weather/Location Specific SOS Pokemon

Sandstorm SOS Pokemon
Haina Desert = Castform, Gabite

Hail SOS Pokemon
Tapu Village = Castform, Vanillite
Mount Lanakila = Castform, Vanillite

Rain SOS Pokemon
Lush Jungle = Castform, Goomy
Malie Garden = Casftorm, Poliwhirl
Alola Route 17 = Castform, Goomy
Exeggutor Island = Castform, Sliggoo

This is all we have in our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon SOS Battles Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!