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AMD Ryzen And Threadripper Prices Down By Upto 29%

AMD Ryzen and Threadripper have been dropping bombs on Intel and the prices of these CPUs have gone down over the weekend. This should help AMD push CPUs out much faster and keeping in mind that you can only buy Z370 motherboards right now, you can imagine why people would be inclined to buy AMD Ryzen now instead of waiting a month for mainstream Intel motherboards.

This the price drops these AMD Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs are even better value for money. To give you an example an 8-core flagship Ryzen 7 1800X processor normally costs €499 but now you can buy one for €340 euros.

AMD Ryzen and Threadripper price drops are worldwide and if you are in the market for a new CPU then now could be the best time to get another CPU. If you have an older FX series CPU or older Intel CPU then making the jump is recommended. AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X has also won CES 2018 Best Innovation Award.




Ryzen  1700X Ryzen


Ryzen 1600X Ryzen  1600 Threadripper 1950X Threadripper 1920X Threadripper 1900X
MSRP $499 $399 $329 $249 $219 $999 $799 $549
Avg Price € 479 € 369 € 317 € 249 € 216 € 1021 € 809 € 549
Lowest Price € 340 € 290 € 249 € 214 € 199 € 830 € 670 € 470

AMD Ryzen has been competing well with Intel Coffee Lake and there are new Intel Cofee Lake H series CPUs coming out that will feature AMD Radeon graphics. On the GPU side of things, it seems that AMD Vega is getting better with each new game release. We also talked about AMD APUs making their way to laptops for the first time in the HP Envy x360.

You can also see how well AMD graphics perform in Wolfenstein 2. For more news and information regarding everything related to AMD Ryzen, Threadripper and Vega stay tuned to SegmentNext.

Let us know what you think about the AMD Ryzen and Threadripper price drops and whether or not you are interested in buying an AMD CPU.