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First Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Global Mission Revealed By Nintendo

Nintendo and GameFreak have announced the first Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon global mission. Global missions are a multiplayer objective that anyone playing the game can help to undertake for the promise of various in-game rewards such as coins. The mission: to catch 10 million Pokemon, similar to the previous games.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon had a similar global mission as its first one, though that mission failed due to it starting after the game had already been released for a while, along with lackluster rewards. However, since Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon both came out today, now’s the time for players to get to catching as they fill out their parties and try to fill their Pokedex.

There’s no mention of the rewards for catching ten million Pokemon for the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon global mission, but hopefully it will be something you can use, whether it’s coins to buy items or even just items themselves. We’ll likely find out what we’ll be getting if the Pokemon fanbase is able to complete the mission.

While the first global mission in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon didn’t pan out very well, this time the Pokemon Company has tempered their expectations when it comes to how many Pokemon people can capture. The original mission asked for players to capture 100 million Pokemon.

Of course, even just 10 million may be asking for too much. Depending on the amount of buzz that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have generated, there’s a possibility that the games have sold fewer copies than the original Sun and Moon did. Even with a new story, new Ultra Beasts, and a few new Pokemon, there’s no telling if the first Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon global mission will be completed.

The mission ends on November 27, so if you want to give it the old college try and have a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, get out there and catch as many Pokemon as you can!