Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review: Good Game Choking on Microtransactions

Star Wars is a property that is loved by millions if not billions around the world. Films, toys, books, animated shows, you name it; Star Wars does it all and we love everything it has to offer. We buy pretty much everything Star Wars,  however, when corporate leeches take over your our favorite IPs than it is hard to swallow the garbage they try to force down your throat.

Unfortunately, Unfortunately, and Unfortunately… Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a victim of the greed of the worse company in the gaming industry right now, EA. When you play Star Wars Battlefront 2 you can see the effort and attention to detail developers have put into it. Sadly, the entire experience is overshadowed by EA’s loot boxes, star cards, crates… it’s all EA.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

New to  EA’s Battlefront series is the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Story Mode. It follows the story of Iden Versio after the destruction of the second Death Star. The storyline is set between the events of Star Wars Episode 6 and Episode 7. It is kind of like a video game version of Rogue One, a canon story but still has ties to the greater narrative.

During the course of the story, Iden will come face to face with many familiar characters including Luke Skywalker. Occasionally you will have the opportunity to play with these characters as well.  Battlefront 2’s story offers a compelling narrative arc which is surprisingly interesting.

It shows the insides of The Empire, how they operate, and what’s their true vision. Iden’s story becomes predictable with each passing cut-scene and sadly DICE fails to prove you wrong about what’s coming in the next turn/twist. Iden and the entire Inferno Squad are forgettable and completely one dimensional. However, your meetings with renowned Star Wars characters are meaningful.

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The production value is impressive even though you can complete the storyline in around 6 hours on normal difficulty. The gameplay is authentic Star Wars and actually prepares you for the multiplayer mode. You can complete the campaign and jump right into the multiplayer mode and you’ll be OK as far as gunplay and mechanics are concerned.

You can also try out the Arcade Mode which is better suited for multiplayer preparations. You can earn in-game credits by completing stages in the Arcade Mode. EA allowed 100 credits per game and you can earn up to 500 credits daily. However, once that limit is reached you will have to wait for a day before you can start earning credits again.

You can play more games in the Arcade Mode but no credits are rewarded. Such models are used in free to play mobile games such as Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, etc. This is probably the first AAA game to use timers on in-game currency.

According to EA, the clock timer is a way to tackle credit farming. But there are many other better ways to tackle this issue. It can easily be done by adjusting the number of credits you get per game. EA could have significantly reduced the numbers of credits you get by repeating missions in Arcade Mode. The Arcade mode timer is deliberately designed to force the player to move to the multiplayer mode where he’s exposed to microtransactions.

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The Galactic Assault mode is the biggest fan-service DICE has done so far in the Battlefront series. From the art style to characters, to map, each element of this mode is exceptionally designed and highly engaging. There is a wealth of maps and each more engaging than the last.

The light side will face the dark side in objective based galactic battles in different eras, with era-appropriate machines, character models, and attire. There are four main classes and some advanced classes that are portrayed differently depending on the map and era. The Starfighter Assault mode, on the other hand, is all-out war and chaos. The flying feels pretty smooth and controlled. The UI is pretty cluttered but once you get a hang of it, it is helpful when navigating the three-dimensional space.

Maps are just as big as galactic assault mode and multiple objectives need to be completed to win.

But the entire experience is ruined by multiplayer modes featuring aggressive microtransactions. Everything that’s good in Battlefront 2 is overshadowed by microtransactions – there are mainly three different types of currencies (crystals, credits, and crafting parts).

Credits are earned via gameplay or dismantling duplicate loot boxes. Crystals are monetized currency but both Credits and Crystals can be earned in limited quantity by completing milestones. Both can be used to purchase loot boxes that contain Star Cards and cosmetic items for heroes, troopers, and ship.

Star Cards can be used to upgrade abilities and get new ones. Star Cards are dropped randomly or can be directly bought with Crafting Parts. Crafting Parts can also be used to upgrade Star Cards through four rarity levels from common to Epic.

You need an increasing amount of Crafting Parts to Upgrade your Star Cards. One requirement is the general account level while the other is your class level.  Star Card level is determined by how many Star Cards you have for a particular class or the kind of progression that actually requires using the class to advance.

It’s a complicated system but in short, progression is tied to random loot boxes and monetization. This kind of system directly hits gameplay and benefits those willing to spend money to buy loot boxes, Star Cards, and in-game currency instead of time. It is an unfair grind, similar to a free to play the game.

There is no example in existence of any game publisher going to this extent to monetize its game. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will force choke your wallet to squeeze out every penny there is.

Battlefront 2 is not something I recommend buying.


Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA is not the company that should be handling the Star Wars license.