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PUBG Gunning for 4K Textures and “Higher Graphical Fidelity” on Xbox One X

Much like others, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) also has plans to utilize the beefy hardware of Xbox One X for several improvements in the future.

Speaking with GameSpot in a recent interview, creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene confirmed that the Xbox One X version of the game will offer a “higher graphical fidelity” compared to the standard console. He would love to see PUBG run with 4K textures, but that feature remains unconfirmed at this point.

“But the experience should be the same,” Greene said. “We want to maintain a similar experience across all platforms. There shouldn’t be an advantage to buying one console over another.”

When asked about the console itself, Greene called the Xbox One X a “beast” and added that it will help the game look as best as possible on consoles.

PUGB is scheduled to receive a “Game Preview Edition” for Xbox One on December 12. The pre-orders went live earlier this month, with the retail packaging calling it an “Xbox One Console Exclusive” release. On that note, the game has ditched Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Microsoft Azure for its cloud-hosted servers.

There is no word on whether or not the game will release for PlayStation 4. For the time being, the development team is focusing on just the Xbox One and PC versions.