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Nintendo Switch Is Again The Best Selling Console For October In The US

Since its launch, Nintendo Switch has been outselling PS4 and Xbox One and the hybrid console has does it again for the month of October as it was the best selling console for the month in the US. According to the report, Nintendo system made up 2/3 of the gaming hardware sales in the month of October in the US.

Not only Nintendo Switch is outselling the current-gen consoles but the software for the hybrid console is outputting good results as Super Mario Odessey came at the top for individual formats hardware unit sales chart leaving behind the likes of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Shadow Of War.

As for the PlayStation 4, it still remains the best selling console in the US, however, at the speed at which Nintendo Switch is selling, we wonder how much longer PS4 will be able to keep this lead.

While it has been an interesting development in the month of October but, it will be interesting to see the results for November as heavy hitters like Call of Duty: WW2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have already launched.

Nintendo Switch came out following the underwhelming performance of Wii U and according to Nintendo, Wii U’s failed marketing is the reason for Switch’s success.

According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, with Nintendo Switch the company worked hard to make crystal clear what they are selling, unlike Wii U’s marketing.

He also touched on the subject of the software for Nintendo Switch which has been increasing with its popularity saying that a steady pace of new launches is critical to the console’s success.

Furthermore, a report has made its way to the internet suggesting that Nintendo has ramped up the Switch production to somewhere between 25 and 30 million units.

According to the report, Nintendo Switch production could be ramped even more but, it will depend on what happens in the Holiday season.