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Free Shadow of War DLC Updates Are Detailed By Warner Bros, First One Is November 21

A number of free Shadow of War DLC updates have been announced by Warner Bros, meaning that we’ll have more to do in Middle-earth as we fight to conquer Mordor for our own and bring down the Dark Lord Sauron. The modes are many and varied, and include at least one story pack.

With all of the different potential that Shadow of War has, players will be able to do a lot of different stuff in the Shadow of War DLC. For instance, there’s an Endless Siege mode, where players will be able to run through the Shadow Wars section of the game for as long as they want, defending their fortresses against besieging armies of orcs and warchiefs.

Another free bit of DLC is a Rebellion mode, where you have to fight against orcs and Ologs that have infiltrated your ranks and are looking to bring you down from the inside. While players have already had to deal with betrayals, this will hopefully be a more expanded version of that mechanic.

Other bits of Shadow of War DLC will include an enhanced photo mode, an online Fight Pit mode where you and another player can pit Overlords against each other, and finally a Brutal difficulty, where you don’t get Last Chances to try and survive a fight against a Captain.

That’s all of the free Shadow of War DLC that we’ll be getting, but there will also be numerous bits of paid DLC. The first will introduce the Slaughter Tribe, a vicious tribe of orcs that will be able to ambush you anywhere. The expansion also contains a new region, new missions, a new fortress, new monuments and outposts, and more.

The first bits of the free Shadow of War DLC will be coming out on November 21, while the Online Fight Pits will be coming on December 5, and Brutal difficulty will be coming December 12. The paid expansion will also be coming on November 21.