Destiny 2 DLC Makes Curse Of Osiris Strikes Out Of Story Missions

With Destiny 2’s first DLC, Curse of Osiris, coming out in a few weeks, Bungie is starting to put out more information about the expansion, including that the game will make Curse of Osiris strikes out of two of the eight different story missions, along with all the other content.

Curse of Osiris will give us more information on one of Destiny’s most elusive individuals, the Warlock Osiris. Banished from the City for his radical ideas, Osiris has apparently spent his time since then studying the Vex. Now, after he’s captured by them, Guardians must brave the Vex like never before to rescue him and stop them from using time as a weapon to destroy the Guardians.

The fact that Bungie is making two of the missions in the expansion into Curse of Osiris strikes is a bit of a departure from their previous method of Strike-making, since those were standalone missions that could be undertaken independent of the main story. Making these ones part of the story, however, might be signaling that Bungie is taking another new approach to story.

They already did that with Destiny 2’s regular story, making it much more involved and much clearer to follow rather than the somewhat random events-based plot of the first game’s main quest line. However, the Taken King DLC did have at least two strikes that were connected to the story, the “Shield Brothers” and “Sunless Cell” stories. The Dark Below had a similar method with the Omnigul strike.

However these two Curse of Osiris strikes play out, hopefully they’ll be unique and give us a few more cool Vex bosses to turn into scrap metal. The Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris expansion will be releasing on December 5, so Guardians should do their best to complete the story and level up some more before it drops so that you’re ready.