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VRMark Cyan Room The DirectX 12 Benchmark For VR

Cyan Room is the new benchmarking utility for VR. While VR is in its infancy there are plenty that say that VR is dead but that might not be the case. There are those that believe that developers do not have the tools needed in order to develop VR games effectively and that is why we need VR benchmarks. That gives you an idea of why Cyan Room is so important.

VRMark’s Experience mode allows you to change the scenery of the and that will allow you to increase or decrease how demanding the game is. You can also change rendering resolution and other settings, so there is plenty to play around with.

Cyan Room will be coming out on the 22nd of this month and it will be for free for people that have VRMark Advanced Edition and VRMark Professional Edition. According to the official press release:

Cyan Room is a new DirectX 12 benchmark test for VR. It uses a pure DirectX 12 engine built in-house and optimized for VR. It features a large, complex environment and many eye-catching effects. Cyan Room shows how using an API with less overhead can help developers deliver impressive VR experiences even on modest PC systems.

With Cyan Room developers will have a benchmarking tool in order to develop better games and make the most out of modern technology. This will be a gateway to the future of VR and AR. With the Microsoft AR headsets coming out I can see VR hitting the mainstream and talking about that we have the Oculus GO as well as the HTC Vive Focus that are stand-alone headsets.

Let us know what you think about Cyan Room and whether or not you think there is still hope for VR to make it to where we expect it to be in the coming years.