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Star Wars Battlefront II Dev Claiming to Have Received Death Threats Was Faking

Star Wars Battlefront II, embroiled in controversy, still has some followers in the community that are willing to go great lengths just for its defence.

A couple of days ago, an individual named “Sean” claimed that he had received seven death threats and over a hundred personal attacks from angry fans. His Twitter profile clearly mentioned that he was a game developer working for Electronic Arts (EA) and in turn, for Star Wars Battlefront II. It has come to light now that the individual was possibly faking it all this time.

Hunting for more information on the supposed developer, Kotaku reached out to several employees from EA for confirmation. The publishing-giant admitted that it was unable to verify the claims from the individual in question.

“Our first concern is ensuring safety and support for our people, and since the reports first surfaced we’ve been investigating this internally,” EA stated. “At this time, we’re not able to verify this individual’s claims of employment at EA, nor the threats made against him.”

Since then, Sean has gone dark. His Twitter account is now private and all mentions of EA have been removed. He is also no longer tweeting or responding to any questions.

The matter of Star Wars Battlefront II promoting a pay-to-win progression system has been running rampant on the internet this week. The highly anticipated sequel has received a lot of lashing and negativity in the days leading up to its official release. The act of sending death threats to developers in such cases is not uncommon. It, however, is surprising when someone uses a fake identity to make the same claims.

Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled to release on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.