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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Content Will Take 4528 Hours, Or $2100 To Unlock

Amidst the huge amount of controversy over the grinding and microtransactions that will apparently be a significant part of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, someone has apparently done the math on how long it will take to unlock all of the Battlefront 2 content that the game has: 4,528 hours, or you can pay $2100.

This controversy first began when it was revealed that in order to unlock the Battlefront 2 content and various hero characters like Darth Vader, Rey, and Yoda, players would have to grind an obscene amount of credits in order to unlock each one, around 60 hours per character. Or, you could buy them as part of the game’s microtransactions. This caused an enormous uproar among the game’s playerbase, and EA’s explanation to try and address the controversy rapidly became Reddit’s most-downvoted post.

In a time in gaming history where, once again, the gaming community is blasting developers with a great deal of criticism over microtransactions (Middle-earth: Shadow of War particularly had a lot of criticism for adding microtransactions to a game that was almost entirely single-player), Battlefront 2’s loot box criticism has evolved in a bad way for EA.

Ubisoft’s For Honor game has a similar problem, as players have to grind to get various objects that they can use to customize their armor. However, those are more reasonable, as those microtransactions are only cosmetic, and so not vital.

Battlefront 2 was at first getting a lot of good press, being a vastly-improved sequel over the first Battlefront game that came out in 2015. With the ability to play in all three eras of Star Wars, with a number of heroes from the same periods along with a story campaign, the news at how long and how expensive it would be to unlock all of the Battlefront 2 content ruined all of the good press.

While EA has since decreased the amount of grinding time it would take to get all of the heroes, there’s still the fact that you have to grind so much at all to get everything. Hopefully EA and EA DICE will make adjustments in the future.