New Curse Of Osiris Trailer Shows Osiris In Action, Sets Up Expansion’s Plot

A new Curse of Osiris trailer sets up the expansion’s plot and shows the Warlock in action. The Destiny 2 expansion will be the game’s first, and will focus on stopping the Vex from using time as a weapon against humanity and the Last City. The expansion releases on December 5.

In the Curse of Osiris trailer, Osiris interrupts a group of Guardians undertaking the Vault of Glass raid to look into the future, which somehow attracts the attention of the Vex. Forced to send his Ghost Sagira back to Mercury while he stays behind, we have no idea what happens to Osiris afterwards.

The Vault of Glass has been a fixture in the lore of the Vex since the game first launched, as it’s some sort of Vex stronghold where they apparently study time. With Vex from both the past and future fighting you in the original raid, we’ll be seeing those variants of Vex again as we rescue Osiris and deal with whatever threat he saw.

As with every other Destiny expansion, Curse of Osiris will give players new weapons, new armor, new places to go, and new enemies to kill. Players will also be able to travel to the Lighthouse, the social space on Mercury that was previously exclusive for players who had gotten nine consecutive victories during a Trials of Osiris run.

Also being added in the expansion is an area called the Raid Lair, which will be once again on the Leviathan. There, you’ll be able to fight new enemies and a new final boss, and instead of taking place in the palace you went into the first time, you’ll be heading downward, into the Leviathan’s belly. The raid will be called “Leviathan: Eater of Worlds.”

To see the Curse of Osiris trailer you can look further up the article, and be ready to take on the Vex in a new raid and a new story campaign on December 5.