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Disney Gives Creative Freedom To DICE To Include Movie-Themed Material In Star Wars Battlefront 2

What would happen if Star Wars Battlefront 2 case system has taken another route instead of containing “mandatory” upgrades for the players? Would it be better if those cases included skins, emotes and other cosmetic material for the game as previously seen in games like Overwatch? DICE had the opportunity to answer those questions in today’s Reddit AMA about Star Wars Battlefront 2 and as it seems fans would be perfectly happy to spend money on cosmetics than Star Cards and crafting parts.

According to the company, Disney hasn’t forbidden them to use creative elements of the Star Wars universe in their game. As a result, the company could freely use alternate skins for heroes and other cosmetics in the future:

We have tons of creative freedom. It’s probably safe to say that Star Wars games are more authentic and stick closer to the films, TV-shows, comic books and other medium than before, but you also have a lot more to draw from these days. For example, when we sit down and look at roadmaps for future content, we’re looking at years and years of development and we’d still not be close to emptying the “Star Wars Vault” of cool stuff to create.

Players in Star Wars Battlefront 2 are mainly fans of the movies and the universe created around them so being able to see skins like Slave Leia or Older Luke Skywalker may be a better way for the company to get microtransactions into the game than having to “buy” your progress. Wouldn’t it be cool to have Darth Vader say “Luke, I am your Father” as a voice line or make Jedai Heroes do a cool lightsaber trick as an emote?

DICE seems to be considering adding such material to the game since they intend to be bringing new content for many more years. “The Last Jedi Season Event” is DICE’s first attempt to give a more sentimental feeling to the players by choosing their side, so we expect more movie-related themes to be implemented soon.

For now, we could all just be content with the fact that DICE is bringing changes to their case system and Star Cards. As it seems, the company need to make a lot of changes before Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be title worthy of its name.