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Second Destiny 2 Faction Rally Ends With New Monarchy Victory

The second Destiny 2 faction rally has finished, and this time the New Monarchy faction has claimed victory over the Future War Cult and Dead Orbit. Dead Orbit won the previous game, but now the New Monarchy will be hanging out loot to all of the loyal Guardians that sided with them.

Guardians who sided with the New Monarchy will be receiving gear such as the Honor’s Edge sword for 1,000 Glimmer. If anyone else wants the sword, they’ll have to pay 50,000 Glimmer instead. Honor’s Edge has the En Garde quality, which boosts damage for a short time after you switch to it in combat.

The Faction Rally is an event in Destiny 2 that allows players to run through Lost Sectors, Adventures, Public Events, Strikes or Crucible matches to get Tokens and pledge them to one of Destiny’s three factions. Normally whoever wins the rallies mainly is focused on whichever faction has the best weapon, though another reason might be because the new Destiny 2 PC players might have also swung the vote in New Monarchy’s favor.

Either way, this is only the second Destiny 2 faction rally that has come up in the game, so it’s likely that each faction will get their fair share of turns (and then some, depending on what weapon you get if they win) at the top of the wheel.

In the original Destiny game, factions weren’t really that important to the game. While players could earn reputation while representing their factions, which could earn them Marks to buy gear from those factions. Now it seems like the Destiny 2 faction rally is an attempt to get more players to work with the factions, once they finish playing through the game’s story and open up to the rest of the world.

There will likely be another Destiny 2 faction rally sometime in the future, whether next week or next month, players will have to fight for supremacy in order to get their faction to the top in the rally.