Russian Ministry Of Defence Uses Footage Of AC-130 Gunship Simulator To Accuse U.S Of Working With ISIS

Russians are named to be real jokers when it comes to social media, with many fake accounts trying to create political issues using false data. This time though, the official Twitter account of the Russian ministry of Defence made an accusation on U.S, blaming them for cooperating with ISIS using evidence of a preview of a simulation video game!

The original post by the Russian Ministry of Defence shared the following message, along with some screenshots one of which was taken from footage of AC-130 Gunship Simulator.

“The Ministry of Defence shows irrefutable evidence that #US are actually covering ISIS combat units to recover their combat capabilities, redeploy, and use them to promote American interests in the Middle East.”

The description of the aforementioned photo used in this post was given was saying that it was taken on November 9 of 2017 and shows “The ISIS convoy, coming out of Abu-Kamal near the Syria-Iraq border”.

Of course, this caused a lot of laugh and troll in the comment session with Twitter users using screenshots from Grand Theft Auto and Counter-Strike to prove that not all war photos are taken in actual wars.

What’s worse is that the Russian state media also broadcasted footage taken from AC-130 Gunship Simulator preview on their news coverage. This wasn’t the first time this has happened though since footage of this game seems to be shown by Vladimir Putin in 2013 as evidence of Russia bombing the Islamic State of Syria.

AC-130 Gunship Simulator is developed by Byte Conveyor Studio for iOS and Android mobile devices. Undeniably, there’s a lot of realism to this game and it’s not widely known so confusions like this are likely to happen. When it comes to country authorities though, the data should be investigated first. The game was voted as TOP 50 2014 App of the Year at SlideDB but its development team has been silence since 2015 so we expect that this project is “dead”.