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New FIFA 18 Update Released, Will Fix A Big Exploit On Most Platforms

A new FIFA 18 update has been released for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC versions of the game, fixing a serious exploit that had been present in the game apparently since its release. Hopefully this update won’t cause a huge backlash against EA Sports like the last few updates.

The exploit in question that the update was designed to fix was a way to get the AI to foul you, if you want into a corner of the field and shielded the ball. In order to get to the ball in the corner the AI would have to shove the ball-holder out of the way, causing a foul and a free kick for the player’s team.

The new FIFA 18 update is designed to get rid of this exploit to that players won’t be able to abuse it in squad battles and other situations. Previous updates to FIFA 18 had also upped the game’s difficulty, which had made a number of players for the franchise angry. However, this time it’s merely fixing an exploit, rather than upping the difficulty by increasing the reaction times of the goalie.

The update is only the latest of the multiple different updates and changes that have been made to FIFA 18 over the course of its life ever since the game released in late September. While some of those updates like the aforementioned goalie changes haven’t been too well-received, plenty of live content is still being brought into the game.

The new FIFA 18 update is only the most recent bit of FIFA news, both in the case of the game franchise and the World Cup. EA has said they may go to a subscription model of game releases rather than a yearly release, and the United States national team failed to quality for the World Cup in 2018.