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Another Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Incoming This Week

Yet another new Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is on its way, and will be available from Thursday, November 16, to Sunday, November 19. The update will allow interested players to play the game for free, and will also give a substantial discount to anyone that wants to buy it afterwards.

The free weekend will be on all three of the game’s platforms, the Playstation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC. Free weekends are normal with games like these as Ubisoft attempts to draw in more players to the multiplayer-focused game.

This free weekend is happening just before the game’s fourth season of content is tested, meaning that it’s a good time for players to start becoming invested. With a large number of different characters, playstyles, and gadgets and guns to try out, the Rainbow Six Siege free weekend will be the perfect opportunity for players that are skeptical about the game to try it and see if they like it.

If you do like it, you’ll be able to buy it for a reduced price, if this free weekend is run like all of the others, Players who don’t already own the game will be able to buy the full thing for half price, or at least a substantial discount. If they do buy it, they’ll be able to continue in the game with all of their progress carried over.

Thankfully since it’s a free weekend that starts tomorrow, players will have four full days to pick up the game and play it for a while before they decide whether they like it or not. Even better is the Black Friday sale coming up on the Playstation Store, meaning that if they play it but miss the free weekend, the game will likely get discounted then, as well.

Either way, you can get on your Playstation 4, PC, or Xbox One tomorrow and download Rainbow Six Siege for free as part of the Rainbow Six Siege free weekend.