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PUBG 1.0 Update Finally Hits Test Servers, Features Vaulting and Climbing

Following an unexpected delay earlier this month, the highly anticipated 1.0 update has finally gone live for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on the test servers.

The main feature is the introduction of new mechanics that allow players to vault and climb at will. In addition to vaulting over walls and climbing through windows, changes to the map have placed certain spots in the environment that can now be scaled as well.

Another significant introduction is an overhaul of the ballistics system. Bullets fired from weapons will now be affected by gravity and air resistance, resulting in a greater drop and longer travel time. In other words, snipers will have to adjust their aim for long-range shooting.

Other changes in the update include improved animations for vehicles and passengers. Both the 8x and 15x scopes have received variable zooms that can be adjusted using the mouse wheel, which can also be used to change the brightness of the reticles.

The hit-boxes have been improved, meaning that it now matters where you shoot an opponent. The neck is now protected by helmets, and damage to the chest area has been increased. In addition, overhauling of ballistics (mentioned above) will have different classes of weapons do different types of damage.

You can go through the complete patch notes here.

The massive 1.0 update weighs in at 6.3 GB and will remain live on the test servers for the next twenty-four hours. There is no word on whether the time frame will be extended or not. Those jumping in to test the upcoming features have been warned by PUBG Corp. to expect client crashes because the current build “is not completely stable” for the game.