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The Nvidia SaturnV Will Be The Fastest And Most Efficient AI Supercomputer, You Can Also Build Your Own

Nvidia wants to be in the AI industry and that is where the Nvidia SaturnV comes into play. The Nvidia SaturnV is the companies own AI computer that will be driving the autonomous driving program. Nvidia claims that this supercomputer will be on the list of the top 10 AI supercomputers in the world. The SaturnV features 660 Nvidia DGX-1 nodes.

Each node features 8 Nvidia Tesla V100s which means that in total the Nvidia SaturnV is powered by 5,280 GPUs graphics cards. All this translates into 660 PetaFLOPS of FP16 performance. The Nvidia Volta GV100 die size surpasses that of the GP100 by 33%, which is very impressive. 16 inductors and voltage regulators can be found on the borders of the GPU. The TDP of the chip is around 300W.

The Nvidia Volta GV100 features the SXM2 form factor and features four stacks of HBM2 memory which adds up to 16 GB in total, which means 4 GB per stack.The huge 815mm2 Volta die has 21 billion transistors and is built using the 12nm FFN process by TSMC. Other improvements that the Nvidia Volta Tesla V100 has to offer as compared to the Pascal GPU are as follows:

  • New mixed-precision FP16/FP32 Tensor Cores purpose-built for deep learning matrix arithmetic
  • Enhanced L1 data cache for higher performance and lower latency
  • Streamlined instruction set for simpler decoding and reduced instruction latencies
  • Higher clocks and higher power efficiency

Nvidia SaturnV

According to the official Nvidia site:

NVIDIA is empowering enterprises to build GPU-accelerated data centers of the future, breaking the barriers of Moore’s law scaling while offering more compute in less space than ever before. SATURNV does this by raising the bar for energy efficiency (making the Green500 with 15 GFLOPS per watt of FP64 efficiency) with a total expected computational capacity footprint of 660 petaFLOPS of AI horsepower.

The Nvidia DGX-1 is a building block for the Nvidia SaturnV so you can buy one, that is also mentioned on the Nvidia site as follows:

NVIDIA DGX Systems let you build your own SATURNV. Whether your environment calls for five nodes or 125, NVIDIA DGX-1 can deliver the kind of AI-acceleration and power achieved with SATURNV.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia SaturnV.