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Ybarra: New Xbox Live Avatars Will Apparently Not Come Until 2018

Mike Ybarra of Microsoft has said that new Xbox Live avatars aren’t going to be coming until 2018, according to a tweet that he posted in response to a question on Twitter. This will be the first time Xbox Live has had avatars since the days of the Xbox 360 in 2013.

Back then, players could make Xbox Live avatars that served as their sort of online personas. Players could buy various accessories through the Xbox Live Marketplace or earn them while playing games, ranging from clothing and headwear to a number of different little accessories, such as a model Mantis from Halo 4, tiny dragons, and more.

A video in June showed off the new Xbox Live avatars before, and from what we saw on that they looked very much improved, looking a lot more detailed and also a lot more varied in terms of body type, race, skin color, and even an option for disabled people, if an Xbox One player is disabled.

While Ybarra has said that the new avatars would be worth the wait, we likely won’t be expecting them any time this year. He’s said that we also shouldn’t expect them until sometime in the early 2018, meaning that we’ll have to stick with the current profile pictures that we have.

It’s likely that the delay is due to Microsoft putting out the Xbox One X last week, and they have to make sure that all of the different adjustments to the console and that the avatars will require will work not just on the Xbox One, but also the Xbox One X. Either way, we’ll hopefully be able to see the new Xbox Live avatars sometime in early 2018.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep up with Ybarra’s Twitter page and Microsoft announcements to know when we’ll be getting more updates.