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Monster Hunter World Bestiary Is Proud To Present The Puffy Paolumu

Game Informer, in order to show off some of the monsters we can expect to see in the game, is beginning a Monster Hunter World bestiary to show off all of the different creatures that we’ll be hunting. The bestiary has started off with the Puffy Paolumu, one of many different monsters.

The Paolumu lives in the Coral Highlands region of the game’s world, and while it’s not the apex predator of the region, it is a good ways up the foot chain. With a batlike head and the tail of a beaver, along with a furry pouch that puffs up and gives the beast its name, the Paolumu can use the buoyancy of its pouch to dodge your attacks, making it a pain to pin down.

However, the pouch isn’t just used to dodge. The beast can also empty its pouch in a huge burst of air that can send you flying, and that’s not even getting into its tail. The tail can be used as a precision attack aimed at one person, or can be used in a wide sweep to attack groups.

Of course, another part of the Monster Hunter World bestiary isn’t just about the monsters: it’s what you can make off of them. At first, apparently, the Capcom developers were making something that wouldn’t look out of place in some sort of amusement park. However, now you’ll be able to get an armor suit that retains the fur and puffiness of the Paolumu without looking stupid.

You can also make weapons out of parts of the Paolumu, like a gun grip from its fur, or the muzzle from its tail. Whatever you end up making, it’ll likely allow you to hunt down and kill more monsters. And, until the game actually comes out, Game Informer will likely be creating more Monster Hunter World bestiary entries.

Monster Hunter World will be coming out on January 26 of next year, on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.