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We May Be Seeing More Cuphead In The Future, According To MDHR

After several years of waiting and anticipation, Studio MDHR has finally put out Cuphead, and the game has proven to be a rousing success on both the Xbox One and the PC. The game has become such a success, in fact, that the studio is confident that we’ll be seeing more Cuphead.

Cuphead won a lot of praise for its gameplay and the unique visual art style, and despite the “Is Cuphead the new Dark Souls?” garbage that normally comes with any difficult game these days (no thanks to Polygon or Kotaku and other game review websites) the game has sold very well, vindicating the sacrifices that the developers made by re-mortgaging their houses and everything else they did to develop the game.

The game has been such a success, in fact, that MDHR is actually debating allowing us to see more Cuphead. Whether it’s a new port over to the Playstation 4 (which didn’t get the game when it released) or additional levels (which might take an enormous amount of time considering all of the hand-animated art that has to go with even one Cuphead level), the fact that it’s even a concept is something great.

While additional levels may be out of the question, we might also be looking at a retail version of the game on a disc, along with possible Cuphead merchandise. More Cuphead, as long as it’s not oversaturated, might be something that can be easily done, especially considering how much the internet often creates its own plushes and merchandise through things like Etsy.

Either way, more Cuphead might come if Studio MDHR believes that they can make more of a profit off of it. Whether Cuphead gets something like DLC levels or, impossibly, a sequel, hopefully merchandise or a retail version will be welcomed by gamers all over the place.