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Harada Says That Tekken 7 Input Lag Was Reduced, Tests Show Otherwise

The fighting game community appreciates how Bandai Namco has been fairly communicative about the issue surrounding the rather high Tekken 7 input lag. The developer has been working hard to smooth out the online gameplay, but impending results have actually been inconclusive on the end of players.

During the finals of the Tekken World Tour 2017 yesterday, game director Katsuhiro Harada and lead designer Michael Murray discussed (via EventHubs) some of the notable improvements that have been made to the game.

The developer actually managed to reduce the Tekken 7 input lag by two frames, a major breakthrough that went unnoticed by the players. It then asked Epic Games to cooperate by adjusting the Unreal Engine for further improvements, which the developer claims reduced the Tekken 7 input lag further.

“We first actually eliminated two frames of input lag on our side — and you guys didn’t notice!” said Harada through his translator. “We [then] talked with Epic, there was a little bit of lag on the engine side. They have been able to rectify that.”

The latest installment in the iconic fighting franchise is reported to have an input lag of 7.7 frames. From the recent statement, Bandai Namco was able to reduce this to 5.7 frames. Whatever changes Epic Games did to the Unreal Engine, the final input lag should be around or below 5 frames at least.

However, testing done by players with the latest patch uncover no such changes. The Tekken 7 input lag remains to be 7.7 frames on PlayStation 4 and around 8.1 frames on PlayStation 4 Pro. In comparison, Street Fighter V actually has a lower latency on the same console with 6 frames. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is said to be the winner in this regard, with an input lag of just 5.4 frames.

Back in July, the developer shared some misconceptions regarding input lag. It is actually the combination of controllers, the hardware, and Unreal Engine 4. Since there are multiple ends involved, it is difficult to completely eradicate input lag from a game.