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Blizzard Confirms Overwatch Xbox One X Enhancements, Get Ready for 4K

Blizzard Entertainment is apparently taking advantage of the Xbox One X’s increased processing power to add some Overwatch Xbox One X enhancements, which will help to get the game into a better 4K resolution. There’s no release date yet for the enhancements, but hopefully they’ll be coming sooner or later.

In addition to the 4K resolution that will be coming from the Xbox One X, Overwatch is also thinking of different ways that the game can be expanded with the increased power that the Xbox One X deals with. The game is being worked on to ensure that all of its other bits won’t be affected by the enhancements, such as its player UI.

With the release of the new Xbox console, the Overwatch Xbox One X enhancements aren’t going to be the only ones coming to a game. A large number of Xbox One games that have been looking forward to the console will likely be doing similar things, upgrading their games to be both playable on the Xbox One X, and also to be able to look good while doing so.

Along with the Overwatch Xbox One X enhancements, there are a number of other updates for the game that are hopefully going to be coming out around the same time: new character Moira, the Talon geneticist who is the game’s most recent new character, and the Blizzard World map, an amusement park map taking things from all of Blizzard’s previous games.

While there’s no guarantee that the new character and new map will come with the enhancements, hopefully they’ll either all come out together or will come out shortly after the Xbox One X enhancements.

Either way, if you bought an Xbox One X when they came out and play Overwatch, you’ll be abel to get the enhancements soon. If you don’t play Overwatch but do own an Xbox One X, now might be a good time to get into the game.