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New Call Of Duty WW2 Patch Has Unexpected Problems With Current Game

The newest Call of Duty WW2 patch has been released into the game, but apparently instead of fixing problems it’s caused more. The patch, which contained connectivity fixes and a number of balance changes, instead caused a lot of players to get even more connectivity issues, along with other errors.

These included the infamous “listen” error, which forces the client to disconnect from the server, and a different version of the 103295 error, which prevents them from accessing online services at all. And connectivity issues aren’t the only thing that’s happening because of the patch.

The main problem, as shown with many posters on Reddit, is that the game won’t allow them to start a match at all, which defeats the entire purpose that many people use to play a Call of Duty game nowadays. Even after several hours of work from Sledgehammer, dedicated servers are still offline, though connectivity has been increased.

This is the second time in a row that Call of Duty WW2 has had server problems that have affected multiplayer in a negative way. The game as a whole has apparently had a rough launch ever since it released over a week ago on November 3, putting a blemish on the first Call of Duty game in nearly 10 years to go back to World War 2.

Hopefully, Sledgehammer will be able to fix the Call of Duty WW2 patch in order to work out all of the different kinks and issues and be able to eventually get the game’s netcode up to snuff enough to support all of the Call of Duty players currently on it.

In the meantime, you might want to hold off on trying to play any multiplayer in Call of Duty WW2, whether this means going through the campaign mode, playing a solo game of zombies, or even just holding off and going to a different game until the Call of Duty WW2 patch is fixed.