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CD Projekt RED Internal Politics Might Spell Trouble For Cyberpunk 2077

Apparently, a pair of former CD Projekt RED employees have gone on record to talk about CD Projekt RED internal politics, and how those work to the detriment of various video games that the studio develops. Most recently, this has been apparently affecting Cyberpunk 2077’s development and might jeopardize it.

The reason? A variety of them, actually, such as a lack of resources and personnel, overly-ambitious objectives, and problems in management. This has apparently been going back as far as CD Projekt RED’s first game, the original Witcher game based off of the book series by Andrezj Sapkowski.

According to the two employees, CD Projekt RED internal politics came into effect after each game in the award-winnng series, the studio got rid of all of its developers, meaning that for each game a new team had to be brought in to create the game from scratch, rather than relying on veteran developers familiar with the code to be able to make the new game. With that in mind it’s something of a miracle that the games turned out as well as they did.

Another problem is the resources the studio has. While the studio has said that it’s satisfied with the progress of development on Cyberpunk 2077, apparently they actually had to create an entirely new engine for the game, as the shooting controls, transportation mechanics, and other things that would have been available in Cyberpunk.

Along with the new engine requirement, we were also supposed to have a demo at E3 2017. However, changes in development (where instead of a fully customizable protagonist we would be getting a pre-created character in the style of Geralt) meant that we wouldn’t get one.

Finally, CD Projekt RED internal politics are also affecting the studio’s relationships with Adam Badovskiy, the head of the studio. While he is seen as a good person, he is also seen as overly-ambitious and often tries to answer too many questions at once.

Hopefully despite all of this, CD Projekt RED can make Cyberpunk 2077 even better than the Witcher series.