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Call Of Duty: WW2 Dedicated Servers Taken Offline Due To Side Issues

Call Of Duty: WW2 is currently the top played Call of Duty game on Steam since the release of Black Ops 2, which means that Sledgehammer Games has put extra effort to develop it and maintain it at this level. Even though its launch has been an easy-going one and brought in $500M in sales, many players have been experiencing connectivity problems which led to the company shutting down the dedicated servers of Call of Duty: WW2 to fix this issue.

This issue has become noticeable after the installment of the latest patch in the game so quick treatment was the only option. Even though the dedicated servers are currently down, the P2P ones are online and working fine as reported. Sledgehammer did an official announcement about this matter on Twitter, saying the following:

MP connectivity improved from earlier, but dedicated servers are currently off-line. Expect normal P2P performance including host migrations. We’ll be sharing updates throughout the day on current status. 

There’s still no word about when the dedicated servers of Call of Duty: WW2 will be back online but this downtime is sure worth the while.

The aforementioned patch that went live just today contains a variety of changes to the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: WW2, such as improvements to the general UI and the split-screen function. We’ve also seen the first nerfs and buffs to weapons as well as some updates to the Nazi Zombies mode. You can read the full patch notes on Call of Duty: WW2 subreddit.

In other news, Activision has announced that microtransactions in Call of Duty: WW2 will be added on November 14, 2017. Also, those who pre-ordered the game will get 1,100 bonus COD Points as the microtransactions go live at 09:00 Pacific Time.