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An Ark Survival Evolved Switch Port Is Possible, But Will Take Lots Of Work

Studio Wildcard’s Ark Survival Evolved game has finally been released for several months, after around two years or so in early access. However, now that the Nintendo Switch is out, Wildcard is juggling the idea of making an Ark Survival Evolved Switch port, but that’ll take a lot of work.

Considering how long it took for Ark Survival Evolved to jump to things like the Xbox and then Playstation (taking several months to jump to the first and then a year to jump to the second), there’s no telling how much longer it would take to bring the game over to the Nintendo Switch. While a lot of Switch games are open-world, that doesn’t mean that Ark would be easy to port.

An Ark Survival Evolved Switch port might be more difficult, given the Switch’s smaller size, lesser power, and unfamiliar architecture. With all of this in mind, Studio Wildcard would have to make a lot of optimization decisions, not to mention possibly cutting content in order to make the game fit onto the Switch console.

A similar thing happened with FIFA 18 when that game was ported to the Switch, which caused its story mode to have to be cut so that the game would fit onto the console. The game also had to suffer a graphical downgrade, meaning that something like it would likely also have to happen to an Ark Survival Evolved Switch port.

It’s a shame too; the game’s interesting premise of being able to work your way up the technology tree while taming dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals has won it fans from its very first trailer, and the game has remained popular enough to get to a full release (unlike DayZ, which has sunk into obscurity after years of no progress.)

Either way, whether we get a Switch port of Ark Survival Evolved or not, hopefully everyone will be able to play it sooner or later.