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Is Your Xbox One X Spontaneously Shutting Down? Here’s Something That Might Help

A weird issue seems to be surfacing for Xbox One X owners these past days, with the console spontaneously dying and not turning back on by any means. Many have started trying to find solutions and fixes with the most viable one being shared today on Reddit. As it seems, plugging a different power cable to the console is the most reliable fix for this issue with many users confirming that this fixed worked for them.

A Reddit user, EyeBraveheart confirmed that buying a new cable and plugging it into his new Xbox One X caused the console to start working normally. This fix seems to work with both the old Xbox One power cord and any other universal cord. The aforementioned user picked up a Nyko AC Power Cord at Gamestop, so this is a safe pick if you want to try it for yourself for only a few dollars.

Other Xbox One X owners seem to be blaming the way the cord is placed into the console. Since most of us would be overprotective with our new console, we usually input the cord lightly without giving it a hard push. Many people are noticing that the input sockets of both power supply and HDMI are either too tight or too loose making you think that your console is problematic. Giving it a gentle push would solve the issue for both power supply and display┬áproblems, but be careful not to overdo it and damage your new Xbox One X. If this doesn’t work for you then try a different cord and you should be fine, as mentioned above.

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