Overwatch League’s San Francisco Shock Fires Manager for Sexual Assault

San Francisco Shock from the Overwatch League has fired its esports manager in the wake of sexual assault allegations against a female streamer last month.

On the weekend, Dezaray “Krystlin” Luna posted on Twitter that she was attacked by Max Batemen on September 30 when they were out drinking with some of the players from San Francisco Shock. She was allegedly drugged by the former manager, after which he took her to his place and laid her on his bed. While sliding in and out of consciousness, she realized at one point that Bateman was laying next to her.

“That’s when he sexually assaulted me,” Krystlin wrote. “In my mind I knew what was happening wasn’t right but I couldn’t move. I was frozen.”

Krystlin ended up filing a police report, shared by Kotaku, that contains more horrific details about the crime. Bateman “touched her chest and groin underneath her clothes” and while she is not sure if there was penetration involved, “there was vaginal discharge (blood)” when Krystlin got home.

“I will not be answering questions as recommended by my counsel,” Bateman said after denying the charges. “I will be taking this through the correct legal process and not the public domain.”

In response, Krystlin went ahead to share text messages exchanged between them where he acknowledged that “”what I did was wrong” and repeatedly asked for forgiveness.

Andy Miller, founder of NRG Esports and owner of San Francisco Shock, did not take long to address the brewing storm by terminating Bateman. The organization will now be looking to fill the empty managerial position. It has also declined to make any further comments on the situation.

San Francisco Shock is one of twelve participating franchises in the Overwatch League. It is currently preparing to play in the pre-season exhibition matches next month.