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Nvidia CEO: Intel Jumping In GPU Market Is A “Significant Undertaking”

Intel is all set to jump into discrete GPU market to compete with Nvidia and AMD as ex-AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri has joined Intel as Chief Architect and Senior VP Of Core And Visual Computing Group, and now Nvidia CEO has shown great interest in Intel’s latest endeavor.

Speaking during investor call, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was asked about his take on Intel’s jump into the discrete GPU market, to which he noted that “Raja leaving AMD” is a great loss for AMD and added that “it’s a recognition by Intel probably that the GPU is just incredibly, incredibly important right now”.

He noted that Nvidia plans its GPU roadmap five years ahead and has 5000 engineers on just software side of things. “So when you think about it from that perspective,” he explained, “it’s just an enormous undertaking. Arguably the most significant undertaking of any processor in the world today”.

It seems that Nvidia is not worried about Intel trying to compete with both AMD and Nvidia. Also, given that Intel has just started work on its discrete GPUs it will be a few years before we actually get to see a product from the company, and whatever it is Intel will have to raise the bar in terms of performance and quality.

With the help of Raja Koduri Intel plans to integrate different IPs from data center segments, artificial intelligence, and emerging opportunities.

According to Intel, “Raja is one of the most experienced, innovative and respected graphics and system architecture visionaries in the industry and the latest example of top technical talent to join Intel”.

What is your take on the situation? Will Intel be able to take on Nvidia and AMD In the GPU market? Let us know in the comments.