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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Comments On Intel’s GPU, AMD Partnership And Raja Koduri

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang talked about Nvidia Volta being the companies most successful product to date and you can check out all about that here. The new quarterly figures have been revealed and they are great for Nvidia. This week has been a big one in the industry and we have had plenty of unexpected announcements.

First, we heard about the Intel Coffee Lake G CPUs that feature AMD Radeon graphics. Then we heard about AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri leaving AMD and last but not least we heard about him joining Intel in the new Core and Visual Computing Group. We have had statements from both AMD and Intel regarding this matter.

Intel talked about how Koduri will be joining the new team and how he can add value to the company. AMD assured the media that this loss will not affect the company. But what does Nvidia have to say about all this? According to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang:

“Yeah, there’s a lot of news out there….first of all, Raja leaving AMD is a great loss for AMD, and it’s a recognition by Intel probably that the GPU is just incredibly important now. The modern GPU is not a graphics accelerator, we just left the letter “G” in there, but these processors are domain-specific parallel accelerators, and they are enormously complex, they are the most complex processors built by anybody on the planet today. And that’s the reason why IBM uses our processors for the worlds largest supercomputers, [and] that’s the reason why every single cloud, every major server around the world has adopted Nvidia GPUs.”

Intel is looking into the AI market and that is what Huang seems to signify here Intel was partnered with Nvidia in the past but now both AMD and Intel are joining forces in order to take on Nvidia You can check out images of the upcoming Intel chip with AMD graphics here. He further went on to say that:

The amount of software engineering that goes on top of it is significant as well. So, if you look at the way that we do things, we plan our roadmap about five years out. It takes about three years to build a new generation, and we build multiple GPUs at the same time, and on top of that, there are some 5,000 engineers working on system software and numerics libraries, and solvers, and compilers, and graph analytics, and cloud platforms, and virtualization stacks in order to make this computing architecture useful to all of the people we serve.

Huang talked about the upcoming Intel Coffee Lake CPUs that feature AMD Radeon graphics and the following is what he had to say about them:

“And lastly, with respect to the chip that they built together, I think it goes without saying, now that the energy efficiency of Pascal GeForce and the MaxQ design technology and all of the software we have created has really set a new design point for the industry, it is now possible to build a state of the art gaming notebook with the most leading edge GeForce processors, and we want to deliver gaming experiences many times that of a console in 4K and have that be in a laptop that is 18mm thin. The combination of Pascal and MaxQ has really raised the bar, and that’s really the essence of it.”

Let us know what you think about these comments from Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and whether or not you agree with them.