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Capcom Shares New Information And Screenshots Of Monster Hunter World

Capcom has just announced new information about Monster Hunter World along with a variety of screenshots, a month before the game’s Beta for PlayStation 4. The information Capcom gave us include new hubs for players, the existence of 50-member Squads as well as the Training Area where you can test weapons by attacking inanimate stuff like barrels and pillars.

First of all, we have The Tavern, a gathering spot for up to 16 players which is set on the deck of a ship. The Tavern is actually a place where you can communicate with other players and set up hunts but also includes several points of interest as Gematsu explains:

  • Arena Counter / Quest Counter: Take on various quests. Participate in Arena quests.
  • Squad Management: A reception counter for the management of your in-game communities.
  • Announcement Board: Check login bonuses and other topics.
  • Canteen / My House / Gathering Hub Goods Supply Officer

The Quest/ Arena Counter is the most important place in the Tavern. Here you can accept new quests, like hunting specific monsters along with your story progression. There is also the ability for you to take on “Free quests” which are quests that you can take on as many times as you like as long as you meet specific requirements, such as clearing requests from staff members at the Research Commission HQ or characters who support the members of the Research Commission.

All quests and expeditions can be done by up to 4 players and you can drop into an existing one anytime. If you enter a quest area after a certain amount of time though it won’t be counted as cleared but you will get your materials dropped normally.

On the Arena Counter, you can find the “Challenge Quests” which are limited time quests and are counted on world ranking, depending on what time you and your fellow hunters did on clearing it.

The Squad is a feature that allows hunters to get into 50-player teams, something like a guild. There will be a Gathering Hub for all members of each Squad and a hunter can be a member of up to 8 Squads.

The Squad Formation Counter is the place where you can set the Squad name, symbol icon, messages, etc. yourself to form a Squad all your own, and participate in Squad with the same goals.

Last but not least, the Training Area is where you can test out weapons and equipment. You can easily swap gear to test your power and see all your combos and commands on your screen.

Monster Hunter World is scheduled to launch on January 26, 2018, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the game will launch for PC at a later date. Monster Hunter World Beta will start next month, December 9 to 12, and will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. According to Capcom, the beta will feature 3 monsters, 2 maps, and players will be to play it either solo or in 4 player co-op.

As the company announced not only the game will not feature any microtransactions but, the DLC will also be free for the game.