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Blue Essence Made Unlocking Champions Harder, Not Easier, in League of Legends

The entire goal of the massive pre-season update was to make it easier for the community to unlock content in League of Legends. The changes were particularly aimed at new players to ensure that they must no longer be forced into investing hundreds of hours in grinding. However, the reality is far from it.

The highly anticipated pre-season update revolves around Blue Essence (BE) as the new primary in-game currency, featuring an infinite leveling system that rewards players at every turn. Once the update went live yesterday, the community realized that it is now even harder than before to unlock champions. The aspect of grinding has not left League of Legends. In fact, compared to before, players will have to put in even more hours.

A new thread on Reddit calculates how much BE a player can earn on average in the new system. In short, the new changes have made it 35 percent harder to unlock champions once the account levels past a specific threshold. In addition, it used to take around 76 games previously at a 50 percent win-rate to buy a 6300 IP champion. It takes more games than that now to do the same.

“At level 175, it will take 103 Summoner’s Rift games to have enough BE to buy a 6300 BE champion,” the math says. “And that is assuming the average XP/level caps at 175.”

The main area of concern is that players no longer receive BE for playing games. Instead, they can earn a capsule with multiple rewards (includes BE) after leveling up with multiple games. However, as the levels increase, the number of games required increase as well but with relatively minor improvements in the rewards.

Posting on the official forums earlier today, Riot Games addressed the concerns by pointing out its own numbers. It promised to bump the amount of BE obtained for players if they are a few notches short of making a big purchase after leveling up. However, the rest of the system could remain the same.