Xbox Game Pass Is A Game Changer For The Industry According To Xbox Games Marketing Director

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription program for Xbox One owners which let you play games on your console without having to buy them. Xbox Game Pass costs users $9.99 per month and will also feature backward compatible games as well. Xbox Games Marketing Director, Aaron Greenberg talked about Xbox Game Pass during his interview with GameBlog, clearly giving it credit for being a groundbreaking offer like the ones we see for movies and music.

In this interview, Greenberg stated that Microsoft is committed to the community, giving more value to the services they offer than just selling games endlessly. Xbox Live, Backwards Compatibility and now Xbox Game Pass are the things that Microsoft pioneered and worked on for years so as to keep the fans satisfied. The company is just getting started with this offer, focusing on expanding its catalog in the near future:

We talked a lot about it, we suggest people to try and decide whether to subscribe or not. Giving access to as many games for 10 euros a month is just something that does not exist anywhere else, it’s one of the great benefits when you have an Xbox One. We are very pleased with the numbers at this point, but we will continue to grow our catalog because we want to give our subscribers more and more interest in the Game Pass offer.

To make sure that players are satisfied with the services that the company provides, Microsoft is keeping track of parameters like replayability and time spend playing on their consoles and that’s why they think of Xbox Game Pass as a program that can change the game for them:

If you think strategically about the future, the Game Pass is the perfect example of what can change the game. We know that today people use subscription services for movies and music, and that did not exist for video games. So it was exciting to be pioneers on this, we know it will take a little time to impose, but I think it will be interesting for a lot of players, and it will be for the guys content that could happen on the Game Pass.

Microsoft clearly wants to use the Xbox Game Pass as an opportunity for smaller companies and studios to make their dream come true by including their games in it. This way, even if a game is not a huge sale hit, it can still get its value from players that will appreciate it:

There are tons of possibilities. Think of episodic content for example, or small studios that could not have light, be competitive in the market, and who could benefit from the highlight of the Game Pass. We’ve seen that with movies and TV, and there will be a lot of possibilities in the video game too.

Xbox Game Pass has a huge catalog of more than 100 titles from all three Xbox consoles. Gamers that don’t want to buy their games constantly and want to try something more stable, this feature is available for $9.99 and includes major titles like Halo 5, the Bioshock trilogy, Ninja Gaiden Black (from Original Xbox) and the Gears of War Trilogy. Don’t forget that if you’re a member of the Xbox Live Gold crowd, however, you’ll have a week of free early access.