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New Total War Rome 2 DLC Shows Us The Crisis Of The Third Century

For the first time in four years, Creative Assembly is putting DLC into one of their previous games. The new Total War Rome 2 DLC, called “Empire Divided”, will be taking players through a tumultuous period in the Roman Empire’s history, called the Crisis of the Third Century, when Rome teetered on the brink of collapse.

During the Crisis of the Third Century in the days of the Roman Empire, Rome was split into three different empires as dozens of different Roman generals rebelled following the death of the legitimate Emperor. They all proclaimed themselves Emperor, and chaos ensued, which was compounded by numerous barbarian tribes invading the Empire’s shattered borders.

Players will be able to take control of the northern Gallic Roman Empire (controlling the Roman province of Gaul, modern-day France), the Palmyran Empire (which consists of a number of Middle Eastern provinces such as Syria), and the legitimate Roman Empire. You also have the option to play as numerous barbarian tribes and competing empires such as the Sassanids or Armenia, or the Saxons and Goths.

Some of these factions will be marked as “Heroic”, with actual historical relevance to the time period that get certain cool bonuses.

Total War fans playing the new Total War Rome 2 DLC will also end up having a few new mechanics to deal with, such as Banditry (which will impact food production and can get worse if left unchecked), Cults (where you can establish the cults of Christianity, Mithraism, and Manichaeism), and Plagues, which can devastate your empire by lowering public order, decreasing growth, and reducing income.

The new Total War Rome 2 DLC will be coming out exclusively on the PC on November 30, and will also be coming alongside a free update to Total War Rome 2 that will overhaul the game’s political system to have more of a presence in the campaign.