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Activision is Being Sued for Showing Military Equipment in Call of Duty Games

Activision has been showing a number of different military equipment for it Call of Duty games and while there hasn’t been any issue over the years, the company is finally facing a lawsuit for showing trademarked Humvee vehicles in COD.

The maker of Humvee military vehicles is suing Activision for using these vehicles in its games without permission. The publisher has racked up billions from COD games and if Humvee wins the suit, the franchise would at least lose hundreds of millions.

U.S. District Court in Manhattan, AM General LLC accused Activision of taking advantage of its goodwill and reputation by featuring “Humvee” and “HMMWV” marks in the flagship games. The Humvee maker, AM General believes that people were “deceived into believing that AM General licenses the games or is somehow connected with or involved in the creation of the games.”

AM General is owned by MacAndrews & Forbes Inc and Renco Group Inc, holding companies for the billionaires Ronald Perelman and Ira Rennert, respectively. They are looking for compensatory, punitive and triple damages from Activision.

Going to court wasn’t the primary option for both sides but the communication between the two parties got nowhere. After a year of communication, both parties failed to end the dispute. Both companies will now see each other in court to try and settle the matter one way or the other.

The latest release, Call of Duty WW2, doesn’t feature any AM General trademarked equipment so at least they are good in that front.

This is a developing story so we will have more updates for you soon. Until then, let us know what you think of Call of Duty games facing this lawsuit in the comments below.

Source: Reuters