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2500 Sites Now Cryptojacking, Using Visitors CPUs To Mine Digital Currency

We recently talked about how Cryptojacking would replace ads on websites. Cryptojacking is when a site uses the CPU power of visitor’s CPU in order to mine digital currency. We reported that Pirates Bay was using this method to make money and how it could become popular in the upcoming days. Now 2500 sites are using this method in order to earn money.

If you are noticing spikes in CPU usage than it is more than likely that your CPU is being used for mining digital currency by one of these sites. The money that thee sites earn depends on different factors which include the total number of visitors, the amount of time they stay on an affected site, and the power of their computers.

It also turns out that this is not limited to PC but Android applications as well and these apps are not new ones, these apps can have thousands if not millions of downloads making it hard to differentiate. Cryptojacking is not the only issue here, these sites and apps also contain malware that could leave you vulnerable to hacks.

It is safe to say that accessing one of these sites or apps could leak your private details that include credit card information as well. In order to stay safe, you can use Malwarebytes or another antivirus program that will keep you safe from these kinds of sites. An increase in CPU usage should also give you an idea of what is going on.

It is safe to say that there needs to be some kind of law against Cryptojacking that will keep internet users safe. Either that, or there should be an opt-in option that allows users to choose whether or not they want to support this.

Let us know what you think about Cryptojacking and whether or not you think this is something that should be allowed to go on unchecked.