Xbox One X Disrupting The Traditional Console Cycle? Developers Were Not Pushed To Enhance Games

Now that people are getting the Xbox One X we are getting more information regarding the console and the goals of Microsoft. We have information that the console has not been released at this point in time so that it messes with the traditional console cycle and that the Xbox One X has got a lot of hype from developers.

Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis talked about the reaction that the Xbox One X has got. She talked about the fact that the developers were in no way or form pushed to enhanced games for the Xbox One X and the games that we have in the pipeline and those that have already been released have been enhanced by developers themselves.

According to Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis:

“Are we consciously trying to overturn the generational cycle?” Shannon pauses, “I wouldn’t say that’s the goal. It may have that impact, but what we’re trying to do really is just deliver the choice that gamers want.”

The Xbox One X is getting a lot of attention from the developers and you can click here to check out the main features of the Xbox One X. The Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market right now and it has a lot to live up to keeping in mind all the hype surrounding the console. Furthermore, Shannon said  that:

“Without getting into the specifics of like first-party, second-party, and third-party conversations, we’re getting incredibly great reactions to the power of the Xbox One X. We have I think 150 games that are already out that are being enhanced for launch, and in no case, did we coerce developers to do that. They’re doing it because a lot of the time they see the version that they can deliver on One X as being closer, truer to their vision, their original vision for the game than the one that ended up in the market in the first place.”

Let us know what you think about the One X and whether or not you are interested in getting one.