Xbox One X Guide – Best Calibration Settings and Setting Up 4K Guide

Calibrating a new console can be quite a massive pain in the rear, especially for someone who does not have a knack for this kind of stuff. This Xbox One X Guide will show you how to perfectly calibrate and set up HD on your Xbox One X so you can start gaming right away rather than wasting time exploring the intricacies of the console.

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Xbox One X Guide – Best Calibration Settings and Setting Up 4K Guide

In this Xbox One X Guide, we have explained some guidelines that will help you calibrate your newly bought Xbox One X home console.

Xbox One X Guide – Best Calibration Settings

In the same Display and Sound and Video Output menu, go to color depth and select the one perfect for your TV. Many TVs use the 10 bit HDR module now so that might be a good choice to go if you have a modern TV and are unsure of what to select.

Leave the color space to standard and go to Advanced Video Settings to allow every setting as it will allow you to support apps which use the various different encoding methods. You can also click on Help to see which settings your TV supports.

Make sure that you have the Deep HDMI setting enabled on your TV so that you have access to the HDR settings in game. Now go to Calibrate HDTV and press Next. Make sure all settings such as Dynamic Contrast and Edge enhancement are turned off on your TV as they are not optimal for gaming. Now follow the calibration instructions to calibrate the TV to your personal liking.

At the Brightness section, make sure the lower I is visible and the upper one is not. Change settings on your TV to ensure that it works. Contrast is also similar, follow the instructions and make sure that the closed eyes should be closed and invisible while the open eyes should be visible.

This is the proper way to calibrate the console to ensure you have the optimum graphics when you game. The same process has to be done in the final contrast screen to complete the Calibration process. By this time, the Brightness, again screen should already be perfect since you have calibrated it before. That is it, NOW GAME!

That is all we have for our Xbox One X Guide – Best Calibration Settings and Setting Up 4K Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!