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Xbox One X Enhancement Patches May Require External HDD Support According to Microsoft

Microsoft seems to be having a hard time with Xbox One X enhancement patches, which provide audiovisual upgrades to every game that is eligible for this feature. As more and more games are getting Xbox One X enhancement patches, we see their download size being ridiculously big, like Quantum Break. Microsoft is aware of this problem and is trying to find a solution with the developers.

Xbox marketing head Albert Penello took some time to address this problem in an interview with GameInformer giving some answers to those who wonder what to do with these huge download files:

“We’re generally seeing that the 4K patches are bigger, but they’re obviously not double or four times bigger. They’re on average probably a third larger than the 1080p assets. We’re doing a lot of what we call intelligent delivery to help that on both consoles. We have enabled a new set of tools for developers to allow them to segment the assets by console, and also things that take up a lot of space like language packs and stuff like that, which typically go down as one big download. We’re making a lot of effort with developers to make downloads better.”

He later stated that an external HDD will be a great solution to this matter. He stated the following:

“The last thing is that I do encourage the external hard drive as something we’ve supported from the get-go. We’ve found that even when we had internal hard drive swap ability like on Xbox 360, that people don’t really like to crack open their consoles. Having external hard drive support – and those are very affordable these days; there was just this 4 TB on sale for, like, $110 I think – is a great way to get a ton of storage.”

Recently we learned that Xbox One X will not be pushed to its limits anytime soon meaning that probably there will be even bigger downloads than the ones we’ve already seen. Let’s hope that upcoming patches for Dishonored 2, Skyrim etc. that Bethesda will bring to the Xbox One X won’t be that big, even though games with Xbox One X enhancements will take 30% more space in our HDD.