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IO Interactive Drops Teases For Next Hitman Game, No Word On A Season 2 Yet

IO, the owners of the Hitman series, have had a tense few months as Square Enix pulled out of the game as a publisher, leaving the future of the series in doubt. However, now the studio is apparently teasing the next Hitman game, though there aren’t very many details.

The Hitman game that released in 2016 got great reviews, despite its episodic format and some server issues. However, its story mode ended on a cliffhanger, with the reveal of an organization whose objectives were against those of the Agency’s, and that multiple targets over the course of the game had been working for them.

Along with that, they had apparently been responsible for many other plots in previous Hitman games. However, IO CEO Hakan Abrak hasn’t given any details about the next Hitman game, just that they’re making great progress on it and are excited to show it off. He didn’t give any indication of whether or not this was an entirely new Hitman game, or Season 2 of the current one.

If IO just moves on to another Hitman game without really resolving the plot of the 2016 one, they might be dealing with a lot of angry (or at least greatly annoyed) fans who really want the plot resolved instead of IO moving on to another game. Even then if the next game is a full new release with the same plot players might be angry they have to shell out 60 dollars again.

Whatever the next Hitman game ends up being, hopefully it’ll be just as good as the 2016 version and will continue the story either way. Whether IO decides to make it episodic again or not remains to be seen, but until then we’ll have to be on the lookout for more Hitman, whether online or somewhere hidden in the game in future updates.