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How to Turn On 4K on Xbox One X – Boot 4K Content on Your Xbox One X

This How to Turn On 4K on Xbox One X will tell you how you can easily enable the settings and save your time by not going through the settings one by one until you find all of the relevant options.

After you buy the XB1 X, you will probably not be aware of how you can turn on the 4K mode and witness the beauty of games in such magnificent resolution.

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How to Turn On 4K on Xbox One X

In this XB1 X Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about turning on 4K on your newly bought XB1 X.

4K Resolution on Xbox One X Guide

Turn on your Xbox One X and select the language. Sign-in with your account and start installing the updates. Once you are done with them, make sure that all of the 4K settings are on and are working properly.

To accomplish this, press the Xbox button and bring up the Xbox One Guide. Now navigate to the far-right and select settings from the list that you see before you.

Now move over to the Display and Sound settings, select Video Output and then Advanced Video Settings. Now you can select the refresh rate, HDR, 4K, and other settings for your display. You can also select the ‘4K TV Details’ to find out if your output device can support the resolution or not.

That is essentially all you have got to do. Now you can boot up all of the 4K content that you own on your Xbox and enjoy it in the best quality commercially available at this time.

That is all we have for our How to Turn On 4K on Xbox One X. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!