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Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Machines Guide – How to Beat, Combat Tips

In this Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Machines Guide, we will guide you on how to defeat the new machines introduced in Frozen Wilds, the new DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The Frozen Wilds introduces a bunch of new and deadly machines for you to fight and we have some tips and tricks in this Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Machines Guide for you. We have also shared some combat tips for you so you can easily defeat these monstrous new machines.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Machines Guide

Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Machines Guide details everything that you need to know about defeating the new machines in Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Machines – How to Beat

Daemonic Machines

We see the return of all previous machines from the base game here and they are now even more powerful. Now called Daemonic Machines, these new variants hit harder, have more health and are now stronger against shock and corruption.

You need to use more Burning and Freezing weapons against them to easily defeat them. They can be identified by their purple glow.

Control Towers

Control Towers repair and support hostile machines on the field. They are very annoying and can prove to be a major enemy in any battle so they should be your priority when they appear.

You can either take them down by overriding them by getting close resulting in a final pulse disabling all hostile machines nearby for a small period.

The second way to deal with them is to simply destroy them. Find the power box at the back and hit it roughly with three Hardpoint arrows using Focus to bring it down. They must be taken care of immediately otherwise they will make it a lot tougher to defeat other enemies.


Frostclaw is a powerful bear-like machine and it is extremely tough to bring one down because of their huge health and armor. It is also strong against Shock and Corruption so your best bet is to use Fire damage against it, as it is weak against fire attacks.

Other than that, it has many other weak points such as two freeze sacs, Freeze Unit at its chest or Power cells at its back.

You can target these weak components repeatedly to bring it down, however, remember that it still takes a lot of damage before going down.

You have to be very agile while fighting one. It is best that you take care of other enemies in the area before tackling it and always look for stealth workarounds before you start a fight.

Another thing that can be exploited against Frostclaw is its slow speed. You can use it to your advantage to break a line of sight for a quick breather. Use fire attacks as much as possible to bring it down relatively quickly.


Fireclaw is similar to Frostclaw. The only difference is that Fireclaw is strong against fire and its attacks are also based on fire. Start with attacking the weak points.

Once they are down, move to the frost weakness and exploit it as much as you can to deal massive damage. Fireclaw also features a very large health pool so it will not go down easily. Follow the same tactics as that of the Frostclaw only switch your arsenal from fire damage to frost damage.


Scorchers are very agile wolf-like robots and they can deal both melee and ranged damage with their fire attacks. Your main aim here should be their armor.

Take off as much armor as you can and that too as quickly as you can and then move to other weak points such as power generators or power cells. If you manage to take down its shoulder armor plates, you can attack the fire attack unit as well for massive damage.

Shoulder fire sacs can also be targeted to deal a good amount of damage. Next, you can fire at the blaze canisters and run away as they explode dealing damage to the Scorcher.

One thing you must prioritize while battling a Scorcher is its mine launcher. It will target you even when you are in cover. You can also use it against the Scorcher.

This concludes our Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Machines Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!