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Destiny 2 Players Discover New Way to Farm Faction Rally Tokens

It was last week when Bungie plugged a popular exploit in Destiny 2 that allowed players to farm Faction Rally tokens with ease. Despite the steps taken by the developer, the community has only come up with another efficient way to amass the currency.

Begin by locating the Lost Sector called “The Weep” in Winding Cove on the European Dead Zone. Head through the area normally, defeat the boss, and open the chest. Directly above is a door that leads back to the surface. Follow the path and as soon as the Winding Cove area loads, turn around and head back to the chest to loot it again. Rinse and repeat as much as possible.

The glitch is not as fruitful as the farming method the community had access to before, but is still enough to let players gather 500 or more Faction Rally tokens every hour.

Bungie is probably already aware of the new farming method and will be looking to address it in the coming days. In the mean time, players can take advantage of it for some much-needed loot.

There is still hope that the developer will implement an improved system for farming the currency when the third Faction Rally rolls out.

Elsewhere, Curse of Osiris was recently announced as the first expansion pack for Destiny 2. It is scheduled to officially release on December 5 for all three major platforms. This gives the PC community around a month to go through the base content before jumping into the expansion pack with the others on consoles.