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Call of Duty: WW2 Guide – How to Unlock Diamond Camo

The Diamond Camo is unlocked for people who have a tendency to knife a little too much. This means that the average player will run into his fair share of problems when trying to unlock the Diamond Camo. This Call of Duty: WW2 Guide – How to Unlock Diamond Camo will show you an easy way to quickly be able to unlock the shiny Diamond Camo which is surely going to instill envy in everyone else.

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Call of Duty: WW2 Guide – How to Unlock the Diamond Camo

To get the Diamond Camo, you need to get the Gold Camo on all of the Melee Weapons. Read on to find out how to easily do that.

How to Unlock the Diamond Camo

Essentially, since there is only one melee weapon, you only need to get the Gold camo on that to simultaneously unlock the Diamond Camo. Here are some general melee tips to quickly be able to rack up kills.

  • Use the Airborne class to move fast.
  • Try to get the longer sprint time class to close the gap when knifing.
  • Stay inside buildings to have the element of surprise.
  • This way, you will eventually make it to 200 kills to unlock the actual challenges.
  • The Backfire medals are down to luck as you need to knife an enemy, pick the weapon and kill the enemy with that weapon.
  • Memorize the spawns and run to them to spawn kill enemies by hiding there.
  • You can also hide in the building near the spawn to surprise enemies.
  • Switch places inside the buildings frequently to keep the element of surprise.

To get the five Boodthirsties, you will need to be able to kill five enemies with your melee weapon without dying. To do that:

  • Use a flashbang to stop enemies in their tracks and make it easier to knife them.
  • Throw the flashbang in buildings with enemies for multiple knife kills.
  • Try to use maps such as Aachen, USS Texas and Saint Mary of the Mount as they provide ample knifing opportunities.

That is all we have for our Call of Duty: WW2 Guide – How to Unlock Diamond Camo. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!