AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri Resigns, AMD Claims This Will “Not Impact Direction”, Raja Might Be Going To Intel

AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri went on leave recently and CEO Lisa Su took over and it seems that Raja Koduri is not going to come back. He has decided not to come back and Lisa Su will be looking over Radeon Technologies Group until a suitable replacement can be found. I think this is a great loss for the company and bad news keeping in mind the shortage of AMD Vega graphics cards in the market.

It should be noted that graphics cards and relevant tech is planned well in advance and while this is a hiccup in the process, I do not think that this will cause any delays for AMD Navi which is the next generation graphics architecture in AMD’s graphics roadmap.

AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri was away for 40 days and in that time he made the decision of leaving AMD. According to Raja Koduri:

Forty is a significant number in history. It is a number representing transition, testing and change. I have just spent forty days away from the office going through such a transition. It was an important time with my family, and it also offered me a rare space for reflection. During this time I have come to the extremely difficult conclusion that it is time for me to leave RTG and AMD.

In his memo, AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri thanked AMD Lisa Su for enabling him and working with him during his tenure at AMD especially the last 2 at RTG. He also talked about Mark Papermaster that brought him into the company. He went on to say that:

I want to thank Lisa and the AET for enabling me to pursue my passion during the last four years at AMD, and especially the last two years with RTG. Lisa has my utmost respect for exhibiting the courage to enable me with RTG, for believing in me and for going out of her way to support me. I would also like to call out Mark Papermaster who brought me into AMD, for his huge passion for technology and for his relentless support through many difficult phases.

In his memo, he thanked everyone that helped him get where he is today and he also reminded the people to stay true to their commitments, to make him as well as AMD proud. His final requests are as follows:

On a final note, I have asked a lot of you in the last two years. You’ve always delivered. You’ve made me successful both personally and professionally, for which I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I have these final requests from you as I leave:

. Stay focused on the roadmap!
. Deliver on your commitments!
. Continue the culture of Passion, Persistence and Play!
. Make AMD proud!
. Make me proud!

AMD has been very open about the turn of events and the company has assured the media that this will not affect the progress and future prospects of the company. According to AMD’s Drew Prairie (corporate communications):

Earlier today, we announced two unrelated updates for our Radeon Technologies Group: 1) Raja Koduri has decided to leave AMD and 2) we are taking the next steps in our work to strengthen RTG by further focusing the organization on key growth areas.

I wanted to also make sure you understood these updates do not impact our plans or the strategic direction we are driving our graphics business. We appreciate the contributions Raja has made helping establish our dedicated graphics focus and strong team that is capable of accomplishing the ambitious goals we have set for this part of our business.

While we do not know for sure why Raja koduri made this decision but word has it that he will be working at Intel in the future in order to an asset to the company in the upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs that feature Radeon graphics. Raja koduri was the head of AMD Radeon so you can imagine how much value he could add at Intel with the new Intel Coffee Lake H and G series coming out.

A partnership between AMD and Intel has been rumored for some time now but now we have confirmation from both AMD and Intel. I will leave the judgments to you folks but I have to say that it does not seem like a coincidence that only a short while after these chips were announced AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri decides to resign.

Let us know what you think about AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri leaving AMD and whether or not you think he will be working at Intel in the future.