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Sony PlayStation Trophies Credits System is Much Simpler and Better For Gamers Than Xbox Live Rewards

Sony recently announced PlayStation Trophies credits that will allow players to make purchases from PlayStation Store. The process is pretty simple as all you need to do is get as many trophies as possible. You will earn points for Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum trophies that can be converted into local currency to make purchases.

The rewards are minor but it is nice to see Sony throwing the bone to loyal completionists. Here’s how Sony’s reward system works.

Players will get 1 point for 1 silver trophy which adds up to 100 points for 100 trophies. 250 points you’ll get for 25 Gold trophies while 10 Platinums will get you 1000 points, 100 points each. The system has part of the community excited as every 1000 points can be traded for a 10$ PSN card.

The system is comparatively better and simpler when we look at Xbox Live Rewards or Microsoft rewards. Through Microsoft’s system, you can use your GamerScore and Achievements to earn MyVip Gems that allow you to buy select items from the Vip Vault based on your MyVip level.

There is also daily MyMissions that you can complete for rewards. The missions are just a way to entice players to spend money on the store. For example, getting Seasons of Game of Thrones or Pre-ordering certain games will get you credits.

The PlayStation Trophies Credits system is simpler and gives the most to gamers while Microsoft’s Xbox Live rewards focus more on a wide range of audience, even those who use their console for other purposes like entertainment.

PlayStation Trophies Credits system is better for gamers who are completionists and would like to earn rewards for their hard work and time.

Which system would you prefer? Sony’s or Microsoft’s? Let us know in the comments below.