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Street Fighter V Sales Pass 1.9 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Street Fighter V has been slowly redeeming itself in the eyes of the fighting game community, following its rather rough launch last year as a half-baked product.

While reporting its earnings for the quarter ended September 30, Capcom revealed that Street Fighter V has now sold more than 1.9 million units worldwide across both platforms. The figure is quite an improvement over past quarters, shifting more than 200,000 units in the last three months alone.

The latest installment in the iconic fighting franchise recorded 1.4 million sales for its debut period last year, which was lower than what Capcom was hoping for. Street Fighter V then reached 1.5 million sales in December, improving its figures by marking 1.6 million sales at the end of May.

The sudden surge in sales may be the result of the upcoming arrival of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The free update to the game will go live on January 16 next year, introducing several improvements and features that the players have been asking for all this time. This includes the long-awaited arcade mode among other things.

Street Fighter V is now ranked as the 34th best-selling game for Capcom. Its sales are currently tied with Super Street Fighter IV, which will only increase once the third season gets underway.

The 2017 Capcom Pro Tour is about to conclude next month with the hosting of the annual Capcom Cup at PlayStation Experience (PSX) by the company. The developer is expected to reveal a new season pass for the game at the event. The ninja grandmaster Zeku arrived for Street Fighter V a couple of weeks back as the last and final character for the second season.